My goal is to use design as a tool to navigate complexity and achieve meaningful impact.

I am a visual designer from India living in Brooklyn. My design work is process-driven and is evolved from a     user-centered design approach. I have worked on diverse projects, from education for children with autism to improving the healthcare experience in public hospitals in India. 

My passion for using design as a tool for social impact is triggered by my innate sensitivity and conscious effort to use my skills as a visual designer for social good. Practicing user-centered approach and systems thinking in my process allows me to navigate complexity and design effectively. I use techniques such as mapping, facilitation and co-creation to design both, print and digital deliverables.

I see great value in collaboration and team work and inclusion of diverse opinions. I am often described by my friends as 'too nice' (true story!) which translates into 'a great team player' by my colleagues. Meeting new people, having meaningful conversations, traveling and reading keeps me motivated                  and inspired!